Thulung Home Construction Project

Welcome a simple photo gallery website displaying construction project work of Thulung Family Home. A privately managed Thulung Family construction project. This project work began by deconstructing the old house to make way for the new one. Once the area was cleared, digging began for the foundation of the house. Approximately 6 to 9 feet deep and 3 by 5 feet wide for the foundation and pillar base. Photos are structured in a group/category. Click on the photo to view category gallery. *Photo quality has been minimised. More photos coming soon

Nepal is still developing and come short of when it comes to supply of certain materials and trade skills. So, I had to regularly improvise and supervise the project every day, from day one, conception to completion. Everyone, family members as well as contract workers like builder, labour, brick layers, plumbers, electricians, steel workers they all relied on me to come with idea to meet our need due to lack of materials available for our construction need, as it was done slightly differently than they had done before.

I managed this project from day one and everyday of the construction, starting from planning, designing the house and everything in the house, building, flooring, kitchen, bathroom, water system, painting, plumbing, doors, windows, roof, steel work, solar and electrical works.

Truly a great joy and a previlage to design and build your family home according to your plan and pattern as seen below.

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Ground Floor

Ground Wall

Timber Frame





Steel Work



Solar Panel

Water System


Before & After
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